Web 2.0: Engaging Your Students

Web 2.0 is the concept of integrating some web-based application into creating something. When applied in the classroom, this expands to learners using web-based application to create final products of their work, collaborating with peers, and solving problems through research and critical thinking skills. This concept could be applied to any working field, but for teachers - this opens an outlet for us to also develop our personal and professional learning networks. Read more [...]

Hour of Code 2015, anyone?

Hour of Code was first launched in December 2013. It was my first year at Nevada Learning Academy @ CCSD, and we wanted to implement something with our students that promoted computer literacy as well as engage them with something that is used in the real world. I will wholeheartedly admit that I did NOT participate with my students. Read more [...]

CCSD TEACHERS: CE 101 for Beginners

My first online session for technology professional development is set and registration is now open! I will be working with teachers on Curriculum Engine.  This session is geared towards new teachers and teachers who need a refresher on what CE is and what it offers.  This session is open to the first 20 participants.  If there are more than 20 registrations, I will open up another sessions on another date.   Read more [...]
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