Looking forward to 2015…

As we start seeing December quickly disappearing right before our very eyes, I have been reflecting upon my writing and blogging, and my contributions to the realm of professional development. As I have been conducting more trainings within my school district recently, I have reinforced my perception of how technology is thrusted upon teachers. Read more [...]

Question: Is Technology Widening Opportunity Gaps Between Rich And Poor Kids?

I found it quite disheartening that I am the only one who made a comment on the website of the largest union of education in the U.S. upon this matter that posed this question along with MindShift. We educators all work in the 21st century, and yet no one had a comment about this specific topic. I even went over to the site bearing the original article NEA was connecting their thoughts with and only four other people commented. Read more [...]

Technology used to create memories and capture #FIRST moments

There is a video going viral on Facebook that I saw run across my feed a few times this morning. I bit and watched, and I have to say this captured my heart in more ways than one. Vodafone Firsts is a YouTube channel that "connects people with technology to empower them to do amazing things for the first time. Our series of films follows these people as they try to accomplish their goals." This reminds me of my vision in helping teachers and students use technology in the classroom. The biggest stepping stone in my mission is getting teachers to become more comfortable with using technology in the classroom. Most of the teachers I tend to train have no real computer literacy skills let alone have picked up more than a keyboard and mouse of a desktop computer outside of their TVs and radios they own. Read more [...]
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